Equipment – Important Features

The Seed To Shelf app will have an ample list of equipment for users to choose from. Users will be able to create scenes (sequences of processes) which will function like a type of road map for the order of operations. Users can then choose equipment from the list to drag and drop into each scene. Each equipment supplier will have to provide S2S with pictures and details about each piece of equipment they want placed inside this pre-built list.

  • Multiple scenes for simultaneous operations
  • Vast list of equipment with predefined fields
  • Equipment integration with the S2S app via APIs
  • Guidelines and alerts based on best practices
  • Custom settings available for each piece of equipment

Blockchain – Data Storing

The Seed To Shelf app will store every piece of information related to all processes on the Blockchain. The transparency, accuracy and traceability of the data will be at the core of this app. The nature of Blockchain technology ensures the legitimacy of any transaction.

  • Instant traceability of data
  • Only one version of the truth
  • Real-time data accessible with a barcode scan
  • Immutable records that cannot be altered
  • The most secure technology in existence