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  • Turnkey Labs

    Our labs are manufactured and retrofitted with state-of-the-art systems that produce highly concentrated and incredibly refined cannabis/hemp products, reducing energy waste, labor demands as well as the need for an advanced educational background. Delivery Time: Delivery date is subject to 90 to 120 days, from the order date, due to the manufacturers' production & delivery timeline. Labs will be delivered in the order they were purchased! A lab is considered sold when the required funds have successfully been deposited into S2S’s bank account. To purchase a lab, you must provide a Cannabis Manufacturing License and a valid Physical Address. Make sure you understand what type of lab you’re purchasing before you finalize the sale. Find more info in the description below.
  • App Licenses

    Software that brings everything out in the open.
    Seed 2 Shelf’s mission is to bring a sense of accountability into the Cannabis industry by monitoring and guiding the entire process using cutting edge technology. Be sure you understand the different S2S license types before purchasing. Find more info in the description below.
  • Training Packages

    This training is a simulation of a real laboratory with real equipment where the trainer shows you exactly what to do and you’ll have to reproduce exactly what was shown. Be sure you understand the S2S virtual training types before you purchase. Find more info in the description below.


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